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Aankh Micholi 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kesar refuses to accept Sumer

Aankh Micholi 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam


The episode begins with Sumedh expressing his hesitation to gift something to Kesar, believing she wouldn’t accept it from him. However, his wife encourages him to choose a gift from the heart, suggesting online shopping as an option. Sumedh decides to purchase a knee cap for Kesar, hoping it will alleviate her knee pain.

As morning arrives, Rukmani and Sumedh coordinate the birthday celebrations for Kesar. Meanwhile, Malhar presents a gift to Kesar and proudly shows it to Rupal. However, a disagreement arises between Malhar and Rukmani, and he also exchanges taunts with Sumedh.

Sumedh then requests Rupal to give Kesar his gift on his behalf. When Kesar enters, everyone surprises her with a birthday song. Malhar embraces Kesar, and Rupal performs the aarti. Malhar presents the various gifts and asks Kesar to choose the best one. She admires the necklace gifted by Malhar, expressing her appreciation for its beauty and understanding its significance.


Kesar’s reaction surprises everyone as she expresses genuine gratitude for the knee cap, recognizing its value in alleviating her knee pain. Despite Shivani’s laughter and skepticism about the gift, Kesar appreciates the thoughtfulness behind it, acknowledging the concern shown by her children. When Rupal admits to being the one who bought the knee cap, Kesar thanks her sincerely.

Sumedh is relieved and pleased that Kesar liked the gift, believing it will help ease her pain. Rupal then invites everyone to join for a meal, shifting the focus back to the birthday celebrations and familial togetherness. Despite initial doubts about the gift’s reception, the family bonds over their shared love and concern for Kesar’s well-being.


Kesar’s revelation about making her will due to witnessing Sumedh and Malhar’s arguments surprises everyone. Sumedh reassures her that they won’t fight again, but Kesar remarks on Sumedh’s transformation after marriage. She then decides to distribute her assets, giving the house to Malhar and the tea shop to Sumedh.

Kesar acknowledges Sumedh’s dedication to the tea shop, encouraging him to rename it after Rukmani, praising his efforts for the family. However, Bhavin interjects, expressing his desire for a share in the land property. Kesar assures him that she’ll fulfill his wish if possible.

Sumedh, feeling overwhelmed, rejects the idea of material possessions and instead declares his desire for Kesar’s love. He throws the papers, emphasizing that all he wants is her affection, leaving Kesar saddened by his heartfelt plea. The scene underscores the importance of emotional connection over material wealth in familial relationships.


As Sumedh leaves, Kesar requests to be left alone and retreats to her room. There, she finds a childhood picture of Sumedh and is overcome with emotion, shedding tears at the memories it evokes.

Rukmani enters Kesar’s room, attempting to console her. She reminds Kesar of Sumedh’s thoughtful gesture in gifting the knee cap and suggests that acknowledging him as her son could help heal their strained relationship. However, Kesar rejects the idea and asks Rukmani to leave the room, preferring to grieve in solitude.

Left alone, Kesar continues to cry, weighed down by the pain and bitterness in her heart. Meanwhile, Rukmani resolves to bridge the gap between Kesar and Sumedh, determined to mend their fractured relationship and bring them closer together once again. Ziddidil.Cam

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