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Anupama 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Pakhi calls Anupama for help


Anupama 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam


Anupama addresses the judges and apologizes for her lack of fluency in English, expressing her intention to speak in the language for their understanding. She introduces her dish, Mohan Thaal, as her beloved Kanha ji’s favorite sweet.


Anuj offers to translate for Anupama, acknowledging her language barrier. The judges agree, allowing Anuj to assist in the translation as Anupama begins describing the dish.


However, Keith refuses to taste the Mohan Thaal, deeming it unappealing. Sally, on the other hand, insists on tasting it despite Keith’s reluctance. Hitachi volunteers to taste it first, followed by Sally and Keith.


Sally appreciates the taste but critiques the lack of presentation. Hitachi notes the absence of texture in the sweet. Anupama takes responsibility for the oversight, attributing it to the mishap with the ghee, which affected the texture. Keith acknowledges the challenges Anupama faced, including her limited ingredients and her injured hand, but expresses disappointment that she couldn’t prepare her God’s favorite dish to perfection.


Ultimately, Keith advises Anupama to step back and await the judges’ decision, signaling the conclusion of her presentation.


Toshu arrives home visibly upset, expressing his fatigue to Dimpy. As he recounts his unsuccessful job interviews at four different places despite his extensive education and experience, he expresses frustration at not understanding what employers are seeking.


Babu ji, in an attempt to uplift Toshu’s spirits, shares a childhood anecdote highlighting Toshu’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Drawing inspiration from his own past, Babu ji encourages Toshu not to accept defeat and to persevere in his job search.


Feeling motivated by Babu ji’s words, Toshu begins to regain his determination. Baa suggests returning to India, where they would have the support of their family and wouldn’t have to bear the burden of exorbitant rent as they do abroad. This suggestion offers Toshu a glimmer of hope and a potential new direction in his job search journey.


Anupama approaches Anuj with an apology for the incident that occurred at the Sangeet. However, Anuj reassures her, stating that it wasn’t her fault. He then inquires about her thoughts regarding the closed spice and chutney, offering to drop her off if needed. Despite his offer, Anupama declines.


Meanwhile, Pakhi confronts Aarush for his disrespectful behavior and threatens to inform Toshu and Vanraj about their hotel room situation. In response, Aarush manipulates Pakhi, threatening to lie to Toshu and Vanraj about their supposed misconduct.


Unable to reach Toshu and Vanraj via phone, Pakhi contacts Anupama for help, revealing her whereabouts and pleading with Aarush to release her, asserting that she is not that type of girl.


Anupama takes charge of the situation, urging Anuj to drive to the Jersey Restaurant, where Pakhi is in trouble. As they head towards the restaurant, Anupama attempts to call Vanraj, but his phone is switched off. Anuj reassures Anupama that they will reach Pakhi’s location first, determined to assist her in her time of need. Ziddidil.Cam



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