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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: The wedding ritual of Naren and Nandini starts

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam


It sounds like a dramatic scene unfolding outside the Mandir. Ishwar, grieving over the loss of his sister due to dowry issues, seems to have had a change of heart regarding giving dowry for his daughter Nandini. However, Nandini overhears him mentioning dowry and assumes he’s planning to give it, which leads to a misunderstanding.

When Manri intervenes, it becomes clear that Ishwar was actually expressing gratitude to Bhagwan for not having to give dowry for Nandini. Despite the tension, Nandini still expresses doubt about HemRaj, but Ishwar defends him, implying he’s a good person regardless of whether he took dowry or not.

Manri’s concern for Ishwar’s well-being prompts her to take him inside to rest, leaving Nandini to ponder over the situation and offer a prayer to Bhagwan. The scene seems to be rich with familial dynamics, misunderstandings, and the weighty theme of dowry in Indian society.


As the morning unfolds, Ishwar is busy overseeing preparations for the pooja, instructing workers to gather necessary items and decorate the venue. Manri joins in, ensuring that everything is in order, including making sure the juice for the guests is served cold.

The excitement rises as Heta Baa announces the imminent arrival of the Baraat, signaling the start of the wedding festivities. In response, Manri promptly calls Mitesh and Mehul, likely to assist with welcoming the Baraat and ensuring everything runs smoothly. The scene brims with anticipation and bustling activity as the family gears up for the joyous occasion.


As Naren steps out of his car, the celebratory mood is infectious, and he joins in the dancing with his family members. Amidst the joyous atmosphere, Naren inquires about Ronaq’s whereabouts, to which Chanchal responds that he’s resting in the hotel room. Undeterred, Naren continues dancing, perhaps trying to uplift the spirits despite Ronaq’s absence.

Meanwhile, Chanchal expresses concern to Roupa about Jigar’s actions, suggesting that Naren shouldn’t discover whatever Ronaq has done. This hints at some underlying tension or secret that could potentially disrupt the festivities, adding a layer of intrigue to the scene.


As Naren and Nandini sit on the Mandap, immersed in the solemnity of the moment, two mischievous children sneak up and stealthily take away Naren’s shoes. Jalpa, noticing this, becomes alarmed and accuses Mitesh of being a thief. Chanchal, puzzled by Jalpa’s outburst, inquires about the situation.

Jalpa explains that she witnessed Mitesh stealing Naren’s shoes. Unfazed, Mitesh brazenly admits to the act, even cheekily referring to Jalpa as “aunti.” He then proposes a ransom, stating that they’ll only return the shoes if they receive money in exchange.

Jalpa suggests a sum of one hundred and one rupees for the return of the shoes. However, Mitesh scoffs at the amount, questioning if that’s all they believe the shoes are worth. This exchange of banter raises tensions further.

Just then, HemRaj intervenes, admonishing Mitesh for disparaging their worth and implying that he shouldn’t speak ill of his own family. His sudden entrance leaves everyone apprehensive, hinting at underlying tensions or secrets within the family that are now coming to light.


HemRaj stands, greeted warmly by Ishwar with a hug before they all proceed inside. Manri, holding the Thali for the Arti, encounters a small hiccup as she struggles to press HemRaj’s nose, perhaps due to nerves or distraction. She scolds her friend for not ensuring Naren’s attire is tidy, which seems to alleviate her concentration enough to successfully complete the ritual.

Jalpa’s inquiry about Naren’s activities interrupts the moment, drawing attention away from the Arti. Meanwhile, Pandit Ji reminds them to call the bride, signaling the next step in the wedding ceremony. The scene captures the blend of tradition, familial dynamics, and the flurry of activity surrounding the wedding festivities. Ziddidil.Cam


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