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Mehndi Wala Ghar 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Rahul meets with an accident

Mehndi Wala Ghar 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam



The episode opens with a tense confrontation between Manoj and Ajanta, where Manoj expresses regret over marrying her and accuses her of always covering up their son’s mistakes instead of helping him rectify them. Mauli intervenes, urging Manoj not to direct his anger at Ajanta.

Ajanta defends herself, stating that she did everything to protect their son. However, Manoj believes she should have taken a different approach. The argument escalates as Manas silently leaves with Aashna. Ajanta blames Mauli and Manoj for giving her son’s love and rights to Mauli, accusing her of tearing their family apart.

Hari tries to diffuse the situation, urging them to discuss the matter inside and preserve the family’s reputation. However, Janki, seemingly angered by Ajanta’s actions, refuses to let her inside and scolds her for her behavior. The scene is fraught with familial tension and accusations, highlighting the complexities of relationships and the strain caused by past grievances.


Ajanta breaks down in tears, defending her actions by pointing out that if their roles were reversed, Janki would have reacted similarly. Janki, however, expresses her disappointment in Manoj’s actions, revealing that she hadn’t seen him for 24 years after his mistake. Mauli pleads with Janki not to ask Ajanta to leave, expressing empathy for her situation.

However, Janki remains firm, suggesting that Mauli could also leave with Ajanta if she pleads for her. Manoj, overcome with emotion and frustration, tells Ajanta that she’s not the same person he once loved and instructs her to leave and never return. He then walks away, leaving Ajanta in tears, her world shattered by the rejection from her husband and family. The scene is poignant, portraying the pain of fractured relationships and the harsh consequences of past mistakes.


As Ajanta contemplates her situation, her heart heavy with thoughts of Manoj, she ultimately decides to comply with his wishes and agrees to leave. However, Mauli, empathetic towards Ajanta’s plight, pleads with Manoj to reconsider. Despite Mauli’s efforts, Manoj remains adamant and asks to be left alone.

Feeling torn between her loyalty to Ajanta and her concern for Manoj, Mauli rushes off to find Ajanta. Jyoti suggests to Rahul that he should accompany Mauli. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Rahul hurries after Mauli to offer his support.

Meanwhile, Manoj seeks solace with Vijay and Tanvi, overcome with remorse and sorrow. He apologizes to them, and they too are moved to tears, empathizing with his pain. The emotional turmoil within the family is palpable as they grapple with the consequences of their actions and


As Mauli pleads with Ajanta to reconsider and stop for Manoj’s sake, a car suddenly approaches. In a split-second action, Rahul leaps into action, pushing Mauli and Ajanta out of harm’s way. However, he ends up getting hit by the car himself, falling to the ground injured.

Witnessing the accident, Tanvi, feeling a surge of panic, accidentally drops a water glass. Concerned, Vijay inquires about her well-being, but her focus is on Rahul’s whereabouts. Vijay reassures her that Rahul is at home, but when she insists on checking, he realizes Rahul isn’t responding.

Meanwhile, Mauli and Ajanta attend to Rahul’s injuries. With quick thinking, Mauli improvises a bandage for his head wound while Ajanta suggests calling an ambulance. However, Mauli decides they can’t wait and opts to take Rahul to a nearby hospital, using a cart she finds nearby.

At the hospital, they encounter a setback when they’re informed that the doctor isn’t available. Ajanta urges Mauli to stay strong and treat Rahul herself. Determined to save him, Mauli takes charge, desperately seeking assistance and calling for the OT to be prepared. Ajanta reaches out to Manoj for help, but he remains adamant, refusing to listen to her apologies.

Back at home, the news of Rahul’s accident spreads like wildfire, shocking everyone, including Tanvi and Vijay, who are left reeling from the sudden turn of events. Swara rushes in, delivering the devastating news to the family, leaving them all in a state of shock and uncertainty. Ziddidil.Cam

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