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Shrimad Ramayan 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Raavan introduces Kumbhkaran


Shrimad Ramayan 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam


In the episode, Raavan leads Sita through Lanka, showcasing its power by displaying the ferocious Rakshasas engaged in battle. Sita is understandably frightened by the sight, and Raavan emphasizes the Rakshasas’ propensity to devour humans, instilling fear in her.

As they pass by, they encounter Kumbhkaran, who is deep in slumber. Raavan provides Sita with information about his formidable brother.

Meanwhile, Sugreev expresses concern over Sita’s whereabouts, prompting him to organize search teams among the Vanaras. Ram inquires about Sugreev’s apparent worry, to which Sugreev suggests that he and the Vanaras should undertake the search for Sita while Ram and Laxman remain behind.

Sugreev reasons that the Vanaras’ speed in the jungle would make it difficult for Ram and Laxman to keep pace. However, Hanuman assures Ram that the Vanaras are eager to help and can be trusted to find Sita under his guidance.

Ram places his trust in the capability and determination of Hanuman and the Vanaras, affirming his decision to stay behind with Laxman to support and encourage the Vanara army in their mission.

Meanwhile, Raavan continues to taunt Sita, noting her fear as they observe the imposing figure of Kumbhkaran.


Raavan introduces his brother, Kumbhkaran, to Sita, explaining his cyclical pattern of sleep and destruction, asserting Kumbhkaran’s significance as Lanka’s protector and his own invincibility. He dismisses any notion that Ram could challenge the divine blessings bestowed upon him, citing the prowess of his son Meghnad, who has defeated Indra and possesses powerful celestial weapons.

Undeterred by Raavan’s threats and boasts, Sita remains steadfast in her faith in Ram’s arrival and his ability to vanquish Raavan. She defiantly declares that Ram’s exile was ordained to bring about Raavan’s downfall.

In response, Raavan, impressed by Sita’s fearlessness, grants her one year to reconsider her decision, confident that she will eventually succumb to his advances and marry him. He warns her to prepare for the consequences if she chooses to defy him, testing his patience as she awaits Ram’s arrival.

Despite Raavan’s intimidating demeanor, Sita departs with unwavering resolve, refusing to yield to his demands and remaining resolute in her belief that Ram will come to rescue her.


As Ram and Sita pine for each other’s company, their longing fills them with sorrow. Ram encounters Hanuman, who offers his greetings and expresses his determination to reunite Ram and Sita. Hanuman assures Ram of his unwavering commitment to the task, promising to fulfill his duty to bring them back together.

Moved by Hanuman’s devotion and confidence, Ram embraces him warmly, acknowledging his faith in Hanuman’s abilities to locate Sita and bridge the distance between them.

Meanwhile, Mahadev and Parvati discuss Hanuman’s mission to find Sita. Mahadev reflects on the challenging nature of Hanuman’s journey, recognizing that it is not a path for the faint-hearted or those seeking easy solutions. Instead, it is a journey characterized by the depth of love and devotion, as well as the trials and tribulations faced by Ram and his companions.


As Sugreev addresses the Vanaras, they notice a storm approaching, and soon the skies open up with heavy rainfall. Concerned Vanaras express worry about how they will proceed in such adverse weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Sita remains seated in the rain, seemingly unperturbed by the downpour, while Raavan observes her from a distance. Mandodari, recognizing Sita’s need for shelter, suggests providing her with a refuge. However, Raavan dismisses her concern, deeming Sita’s stubbornness as the reason for her exposure to the elements, and declares his intention to assert his ownership over her.

Amidst the turmoil, Hanuman cautions that the rain takes on the form of time’s relentless march in Lanka, indicating the gravity of the situation. As anxiety grips the group, including Ram, they grapple with the challenges posed by the storm and its implications for their quest. Ziddidil.Cam

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