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Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Garry Visits Sahiba


Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.cam

Angad’s initiative to hire laborers for building the gurudwara wall is met with approval from the gurudwara chief, who expresses gratitude for Angad’s trustworthiness and commitment to the task. As they exchange pleasantries on the occasion of Baisakhi, Angad offers his assistance in organizing festival arrangements, but the chief insists that his primary focus should remain on completing the wall construction.

Meanwhile, Garry prepares to visit the Panesar household, viewing it as an opportunity to reunite Angad and Sahiba. Despite Keerat’s objections and reminder of their daughter’s school function, Garry is determined to go. Jasleen intervenes, recognizing that Garry’s mind is preoccupied with the situation at the Panesar house, and suggests they attend Bani’s school function while allowing Garry to pursue his mission at Panesar. Eventually, Keerat relents, agreeing to Jasleen’s suggestion.


As Angad diligently assists the laborers in the construction of the gurudwara wall, a committee member approaches him, noting the increased crowd at the gurudwara due to the festival and suggesting that Angad perform some service. Agreeing to lend a hand, Angad positions himself near the footwear stand.

Meanwhile, Diljeet and Sahiba visit the gurudwara, engaging in conversation with friends. Sahiba, while approaching the footwear stand, discovers a nail lodged in her shoe. Unaware of Angad’s presence, she seeks assistance, and Angad, without recognizing her, offers his help. Taking her shoes, he swiftly removes the nail before returning them to her.

Just as Sahiba begins to grasp the identity of her helper, Angad is called away by a laborer to inspect the ongoing construction work. In that moment, Sahiba realizes that the person who aided her was indeed Angad. This unexpected encounter between them adds a new layer of complexity to their relationship.


As Garry approaches Angad, he warmly wishes him a happy Baisakhi. Angad, pleasantly surprised by Garry’s presence, reciprocates the greeting with a hug and well wishes. Diljeet, curious about their relationship, inquires if Garry is Angad’s brother. Angad explains that Garry is his younger brother who manages his business affairs, bringing a sense of ease to Angad’s life. Diljeet admires their bond and expresses his appreciation for their brotherly love.

After the introductions, Diljeet excuses himself and joins Sahiba, while Angad recounts the events of the previous night to Garry. Grateful for Angad’s safety, Garry expresses his relief.

Following the prayers, Diljeet suggests they return home. Meanwhile, Keerat and Jasleen video call Garry, engaging in friendly conversation. However, Garry’s attention is drawn to Sahiba’s presence in the background, leaving him visibly shocked. Concerned, Keerat and Jasleen inquire about his well-being, but Garry hastily ends the call, feeling the need to address the situation.

Without delay, Garry follows Sahiba to her house, where he surprises her with a heartfelt wish for a happy Baisakhi, addressing her as “bhabhi” (sister-in-law). Sahiba, taken aback by his sudden appearance, is left speechless and stunned. Ziddidil.cam

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