Udaariyaan 12th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on ziddidil.cam

The Episode starts with Aasma saying Armaan’s family got ransom calls from here. Ranvijay doesn’t believe her. He says don’t blame my brother. He goes. Aasma says the proofs are against him, he isn’t worried. Rano tries to feed the kids. They refuse. Raja and Alia come wearing Armaan and Aasma’s face masks. Rano scolds Alia. Raja asks Rano not to get angry. Aasma calls Alia. She says I called that number, the phone was with him, I confronted him, he doesn’t care, like he didn’t do anything, I m sure to find Armaan here. Armaan thinks that food tasted like Aasma made it, but how. He turns and sees Aasma coming. Aasma runs to him. They smile and hug. He imagines her. Simmi and the guy come there and argue. She says we will kill Armaan and Aasma too. They leave. Armaan gets angry.

Armaan writes a message on the cloth. Simmi comes there. Aasma prays. Simmi splashes water on Armaan’s face and asks him to come. Simmi and the guy take Armaan with him. Armaan sees Aasma. He pushes them and tries to run to Aasma.

They catch Armaan and take him back. Armaan leaves the cloth there. Aasma looks for Armaan. She gets the cloth and reads, Aasma help… She gets shocked. She looks around. Aasma comes to Gill house. Neetu says you got us ousted from our house, you didn’t do this right. Rano says stop the drama, RV came here and threw us out of the house. Aasma says trust me. Sukhi says you married RV and broke my trust. RV comes there.

RV and Aasma argue. He says I will not stop, I can do anything, you have blamed my brother, I have bought this house, it was mortgaged, I will decide who will stay here. She says please, don’t do this. He says leave me and my family, I will leave them. She thinks I have to go to RV’s house to find Armaan. He gives her time to think. She says fine, I won’t trouble you. He says don’t show me your face again. He asks the guards to leave the house.

Jia gets angry and says RV spoiled my life. RV comes there and sees her. Jia scolds him. He says listen to me once, I love you, Aasma cheated me. She says you dumped me, I want to show you, no one can dump me. She parties. Aasma comes there in waitress’ disguise. She gives a drink to RV. She recalls Alia’s words. RV faints. Aasma takes him home. She connects the lie detector test setup and says your truth will come out now. She asks RV did you call Armaan at the cliff, do you hate him. She says yes. He says you wanted to kill Armaan and kidnapped him. He says no. She sees the green lights. She says you wanted to kill Armaan. He says no. The machine catches fire. Aasma sees Simmi and the guy taking Armaan. She runs after Armaan. She sees the fire catching up and RV lying there. She worries.