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Udne Ki Aasha 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Shobha scolds Paresh

Udne Ki Aasha 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam


The episode unfolds with Sayali’s concern for Shobha, who appears distressed because the groom, Tejas, is not coming out. Aaji urges Paresh to join them as everyone awaits Tejas’s arrival. However, Paresh is visibly saddened.

Renu reveals the truth, explaining that Tejas opposed the marriage and offered money to accept it, but he ultimately went missing. Aaji is stunned by the revelation, while Paresh and Renu engage in a heated argument. Paresh defends his actions, claiming he did it for the family’s betterment, but Renu challenges this, stating that he hasn’t done anything for their family.

As tensions rise, Akash discovers a letter from Tejas explaining that he loves someone else and has left to start a new life with her. Paresh and the others are shocked by this revelation. Paresh accuses Tejas of running away to marry another woman, but Renu refuses to believe it, defending her brother’s character.

Amidst the chaos, Aaji questions the whereabouts of Sachin, adding another layer of mystery to the unfolding drama. The scene is filled with a mix of emotions as the family grapples with the unexpected turn of events and the uncertainty surrounding Tejas’s disappearance.


As the inspector requests money from Sachin, Sachin reassures him that he will retrieve the funds but insists on going inside alone. However, the inspector remains wary of Sachin’s intentions and decides to accompany him. Sachin then spots Kishor and urgently asks him for 5000 rupees, promising to explain later. Curious, Kishor questions Sachin’s request, but Sachin emphasizes the urgency of the matter.

Kishor advises Sachin to prioritize meeting his father, who is searching for him. They head towards Paresh’s location, where Sayali overhears Sachin’s conversation. Concerned, Shobha rushes to see him, followed by Sayali and Juhi, who also arrive at the scene. Together, they witness Sachin’s unexpected appearance, sparking curiosity and apprehension about the situation.




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