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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ruhi and Armaan fall in danger


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Ziddidil.Cam


The episode begins with Abhira leaving, and Armaan tries to reach her but stumbles and falls. Concerned, Abhira rushes to his side. Suddenly, Armaan receives a call from Ruhi, who pleads for his help. Determined to protect Ruhi, Armaan assures her safety and rushes off.


Meanwhile, Vidya notices Maasa’s worry and offers her support, suggesting she confide in her daughter. However, Maasa dismisses the idea, choosing to keep the family’s troubles to herself. She resolves to safeguard the family from impending danger.


Armaan’s phone rings again, but this time, it’s not Abhira on the line. A mysterious man informs him that Abhira is unable to speak and issues a chilling ultimatum: Armaan must choose between saving Abhira or Ruhi. Panic-stricken, Armaan grapples with the impossible decision.


As Ruhi cries out for help amidst the taunts of her captors, Abhira finds herself bound to a chair with explosives strapped to her. Dadi contacts Armaan, frantically inquiring about Abhira and Ruhi’s whereabouts. Armaan reveals the grim truth – they’ve been kidnapped. The news sends shockwaves through the family, leaving them reeling from the sudden crisis.


Armaan, feeling overwhelmed and helpless, confides in Dadi about his wavering resolve. However, Dadi refuses to let him succumb to weakness, urging him to muster all his strength to save Abhira and Ruhi. Encouraged by Dadi’s words, Armaan vows to rescue them at any cost.


Suddenly, the mysterious man calls Armaan again, revealing his belief in Nakshatra and threatening to kill Abhira and Ruhi within 21 minutes. As Abhira overhears the conversation, she selflessly implores Armaan to prioritize saving Ruhi, emphasizing that she has no one to protect her and urging him to do so for the sake of his mother’s love.


Despite Abhira’s pleas, Armaan is torn and refuses to accept her words, dismissing them as nonsense. The call ends abruptly, leaving Abhira to pray fervently for Ruhi’s safety as she confronts the menacing goons alone.


As tension mounts at home, Manisha expresses her fear over the abduction of their daughters, Abhira and Ruhi. Manoj and Sanjay attempt to reassure her, while the Goenkas arrive, anxious for any updates on the situation. Manish inquiries about any leads on Abhira and Ruhi’s whereabouts, but the family remains in the dark.

Meanwhile, Armaan fervently prays for Abhira’s safety as he rushes to save Ruhi. Ruhi, in a desperate attempt to escape, is apprehended by the goons once again. Manish instructs Madhav to intensify the search efforts, while anxiety grips everyone at home.

Suwarna and Surekha express conflicting opinions on whether Armaan will prioritize saving Ruhi or Abhira. As the goons continue to terrorize Ruhi, the countdown to the impending danger grows closer. Abhira, determined to free herself, attempts to cut the ropes binding her, while the goons taunt Ruhi and laugh at her distress.

With time running out, the mysterious man calls Armaan, warning him of the dwindling seconds. The goons, meanwhile, commence the countdown, heightening the sense of urgency and fear in the unfolding crisis. Ziddidil.Cam


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